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Sunday, August 05, 2012


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Stacy, I actually think knitters are way above quiters in the crafting hierarchy! Yarn scares me. You have to do all that counting and paying attention when you knit. I cheat when I quilt by using all kinds of shortcuts, like paperpiecing and letting the back of the quilt be a mess. You can't be a slob when you knit - there's nowhere to hide anything, especially if someone is going to wear it!

Also, you sew your own clothes, which actually then fit your body, which is so amazingly impressive to me! You are definitely my crafting/sewing superior!


Maria, my hat's off to you and all the quilters out there. I tried quilting once, and made a tiny quilt to hang on the wall, and learned quilting is not for me. Picking out the fabrics and laying them out was so fun, but putting it together...not so much. Good for you for finishing that long-time UFO!


I am terrible with quilting UFOs! Right now I have two - a watercolor one that I stopped doing because it was boring (although so pretty!) and a paper-pieced animals one that I barely started. My one former UFO became a WIP this week, but before that it sat around for an entire year because I was too lazy to take the care needed to sew the pieces together.

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