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Monday, June 04, 2012


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Thanks for the encouragement, Eartha! So many people have such great memories of older relatives and their gliders, it makes me wonder why these just aren't made anymore when everyone seems to love them so.

Oh, over in the right hand column there is a little thing that says, "Subscribe to this blog's feed" (it's under my Search box). I don't know why the type is so tiny!

Eartha Kitsch

Ooh! This is exciting! It's going to look really great too. My husband did an overhaul on an old glider several years back and he thought that he'd never finish. Just too many surfaces to deal with. He made it through though and you will too - promise! Can't wait to see what colors you choose. My great grandmother had this exact same glider. So sweet.

Do you have a way to follow your blog? I thought that I was but it's not showing up on my reader. And now I can't find a way to follow here. Am I going crazy?


Thank you, Mark and Mark! :)


I admire your tenacity if not your spidery bitten hands.

Mark Eichelberger

Man, that must have been tough work. The primer coat looks good!

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