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Friday, May 25, 2012


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Michelle, yeah, we're so lucky to have such an awesome drive-in here. It has six screens, and is within the city limits. It's been in operation since 1949 and still going strong.


The Cars (Boston <3) always remind me of summer. How do you still have drive-ins over there? Up here, I think the closest one is on the Cape (in other words, not close). Summer IS a magical time of year, I don't care how old we are!


AC does make all the difference, Bam. It keeps us all from melting down, hee hee.

Bam Bammerson

I used to hate summers here but I've recently become a convert. I think it's the consistency of air conditioning...? Remember Sylvia's Atomic Cafe? I think the Atomic referred to the lack of A/C.

Bella Q

Hello Stacy! Thank you for your arch envy, lol!

I am used to HOT summers and while I complain about the days, I love hot summer nights. I love how I can barely wear anything and still feel comfortable.

That just changed. Now my summers are chilly and not a lot of sun. Must adjust.

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