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Monday, May 28, 2012


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You could try a pleat in the top center of the sleeve on the seam closet to your neck. It might give it a different look, but should shorten the sleeves with a nice detail.


That is one terrific fabric! I am in love with that print! :-) I´m not an expert at alterations, but if it was my dress, I guess I would rip up the seams that attatch the sleeves to the bodice, adjust the fit by shortening the sleeves, and hope for the best! :-) Good luck, hope you´ll be able to save it!


Michelle, believe me, turning it into a skirt has crossed my mind. I'm not sure which would be more of pain, doing that or altering the dress.


I have no advice, unless you count "How about turning it into a skirt?" as (really awful) advice. :)

A Knitter

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