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Saturday, May 19, 2012


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Thanks for the tip about Desert Island Discs, didyoumakethat. I just checked and yes, I can download it. Will have to give it a listen when I have time.


Thanks, didyoumakethat! This fabric was definitely one of my favorite souvenirs from San Francisco.


NB I don't know if you're able to download Desert Island Discs podcasts from Radio 4, but Debbie Harry was one of the interviewees and she was AWESOME.


Totally and utterly love this top. I wish I'd seen your blog before I hit San Francisco!


Thanks, Bam! Yup, the fabric was a SFO find. We sure had an awesome time on that trip, didn't we? :)


Awww, thank you so much, Amber!


"Dynamite comes in small packages": HAHA! Thanks for that, Kelly! :)


Thanks, Terri! Debbie Harry earrings sound FABULOUS.

Bam Bammerson

You bought that in San Francisco? That was such a fun trip. You looked great in it at the St. Vincent show!

Amber Hurd

I always loved Blondie. I love your outfit you look beautiful! I love the red earrings and lipstick with the black and White Deborah Harry shirt.


Love Debbie Harry and LOVE this top! Great job! And when people mistakenly think you are sweet, remember dynamite come in small packages!


I pretty much died when I saw that fabric. So freaking awesome. I made Debbie Harry earrings once, but your shirt is rad.


Thanks for stopping by, FHC! Sewing machines can be cantankerous, that's for sure. I have plenty of sewing failures, too--I just don't show photos of those. ;)


Hi, how nice to meet you (and your awesome arms). Love the print, and always awed by anyone who has mastered the sewing machine - mine hates me!

Thanks for linking up!


Awww, thanks, Sally! When sewing goes right, it's very fun. When it doesn't, well...we don't show those pictures. ;)


Holy cats, you are SUCH a rock star in that top! Debbie would be proud. Oh Stacy, you make me wish I had even a tiny bit of aptitude for sewing ...


Greta, well yeah, you know better. ;) I don't know why, but people want to believe women in wheelchairs are goody two shoes or something. My arms and I thank you for seeing the real me--"very nice, but in a bitchy kind of way."


Thanks, Michelle! Yeah, I also seek out yarn shops when I'm on vacation--even though I work at one. It's a sickness. :)


Thank you, Camelia! I just can't resist those red details. :)


I love the shirt and it looks great on you. That is such a cool fabric pattern, too. Why would you want to hide those arms with sleeves, anyway? (and how funny you went to a fabric store while on vacation -- that's totally something I'd do if I could sew)

Camelia Crinoline

It looks amazing! I also love the red shoes, lipstick and earrings. You are a total badass.


Also, again, your arms rock.


My mind is kind of blown by the idea of you getting read as sweet. I mean, you are very nice, but in a bitchy kind of way.

I can't tell from the photos--does she have a red mouth in the fabric?


Thank you, MB!

Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com

You rock, lady! That looks positively fab. Wish I had the mad skillz to sew like that!

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