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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Jodi, I can understand why you have sentimental attachment to those jeans! Maybe you could find a bunch of pictures of yourself wearing them on your adventures, and keep those, but give the jeans away.


Some things are very very difficult for me to get rid of. I have a pair of massively flared jeans I bought when I was 17. Flares weren't in fashion then either. But I loved them. I spent 3 weeks pay on them (!!) So these jeans have been travelling the world with me ever since even though I only wear them about once a year. I need to find a way to easily throw them out.


I definitely have a hard time getting rid of things that I've made myself. I usually give them to people I know rather than donate them. Then I know they're going to good homes.


I purge my stuff every 6 months and still go loads i still could give away.. I'm trying


Hahaha Eartha--yes, I have been known to rock that hip-hugger look, too. Try the safety pins and you'll suddenly double your skirt options, as you can wear them all "up" or "down." :)

Eartha Kitsch

Oh gosh, yes. You sound just like me! I don't sew at all but hang on to things without mercy. I think that I have clothes for if I lose ten, twenty or even fifty pounds in my closet right now. I'm also the worst for wearing skirts that have too big waists. Though I'm not industrious like you with the safety pins. I just let them hit my hips as if waists don't matter. I admire your purge!

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