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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


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Maria & Carmen, thank you so much for wanting to bring these books to your libraries. Hurray, libraries!

Camelia, I agree, the Knock-Knock cover is one of my favorites. :)

Camelia Crinoline

That's so cool. Your husband is really talented. I love the cover of "Knock-knock Madness".

Carmen B

So I went to Follett, a book jobber and searched Crazy Concoctions and there is was, so I then just searched under Anthony's name and the 4 joke books showed up. There are now all sitting in my list of books that I will be buying for my library real soon. Wouldn't it be cool if Anthony could do a workshop at my school.


I'm going to get those books for the libraries where I work! I agree that kids will love them!

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