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Friday, October 14, 2011


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AsianCajuns (Cath)

I'm going to go and read it now. I love Already Pretty!


Stacy, you are a blogging rock star! I think you did a really fabulous job of your post and of walking the fine line between sharing your experiences and not generalizing from them too much! The post was all kinds of awesome. And also, I miss you!


Stacey, I love your jewellery! You have a great vibe. I don't klnow how to follow typepad blogs, but will put a link on my own :D


Thanks again for an amazing post, Stacy!


YAY! Great guest post!!


I commented at Already Pretty, but I wanted to comment here too. I have been following Already Pretty, so I am aware of her usual topics. I am so tickled that she addressed the issue of dressing for people with disabilities. I know it is but a narrow glimpse of the subject, but I am pleased nonetheless. And you did a FABULOUS job with your post. You are full of style and class and grace. My son will be getting a Milwaukee back brace next week, and he is very self-conscious about it. I am going to ask him to read your post. My niece (age 10) also uses a wheelchair, and I am happy that her mom always dresses her in adorable outfits and does her hair up in some cute style. Thank you for your wonderful post.

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